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Heehee what a fun quirky pervy game! ❤

hehe it is fun


Plz do you plan to make android version?


Yes please make android version Dev !!!

I’ve been wondering recently, will this be added to iOS or apple? (When the new framework is done)


ios and apple are the same thing

I was confused, I get very confused when there are 2 names for one thing but thanks for telling me

Bro ios is the Operative System, Apple is the brand 💀

Oh ok


I’ll see how possible it is. I do have an iPhone to test so maybe after the new framework is done.


how do i get the second scenes iv reached night 5 and i always lose energey

they can only be obtained after night 5

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Hoping the update is going well, I've been checking this a lot and I'm excited for more

edit: 15min after posting this I go back to play after a month and I beat Night 6 on my 1st try lol


your lucky

Well done got dam

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Anyone got some advice on how to beat night 5?

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Try not to stay in the cameras for too long, Keep it on Foxy's cam and look at her for a while (I did 3 seconds on checking her). Bonnie and Chica when they get to the door listen until they finish their sound cue which is 3 footsteps and after that wait for like 2-3 seconds and flash the light and close the door. After this they should leave in literally 1 second if you do it right. Then for freddy listen for her laugh. She will laugh 5 times in one night and then she'll be at near your door she only attacks at 5am though at random so close the right door when she's in her last phase.

AI needs adjusting but it really is just too hard to play


thanks, I knew how Freddy worked but not for the others, now I just need a new headset because I lost my last one



I thought so, in the original fnaf u could hold Freddy at bay far from the office by repeatedly checking the cam he was on but that apparently doesn't work here??


Chica and Bonnie have random moving patterns, so keep an eye on them with cams. Freddy and Foxy's mechanics are quite similar. Foxy won't move if you don't keep an eye on them with cams long enough. Same with Freddy, if you don't keep the cam on her, she will begin to move and will giggle each time she does. 

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Two days of non-stop banging... Totally worth it! Great arts, great music, great animations and sound. 10/10 give me more.

Any chances for Linux?


I think a cool thing that could be added with the next updates/final release is some unique art for when 2+ animatronics are together in one cam, like they actually interacted. But idk i this would be too much work tho so it's just an idea of mine.


create one for Mac

how to properly make use of 96%


do you intend to launch for android? if yes when?


Kratos:umm what are you doing here boy?

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How the fuck do I night beat 4/20.


you don't. it's completely RNG based.



i fart it


Please mark this as "in-development". During a hiatus you don't mark the game as completed, you mark it as "on-hold", you got those mixed up, and since you forgot to update the status now that development resumed, it's wrongfully marked as completed.


what happens if i beat night 6


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Unlock custom nights probably

night seven update.


night 7 coming in two days



i keep dying on night 5 at 5 am


help me please.

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Same but I don't used my cams and instead listen to the audio of the animatronics to tell where they are

My strat is only use cam for freddy and foxy, for bonnie and chica i use sound cue, but sometimes i will quickly scan where is both of them in cam. 

Ufff pa, cada día más sercas de la actualización


Vámonos de fiesta factory pero lleva mucho boteki porque muchas gente cae ahí y ponte tu mejor skin

tip: if you look at closet cam a frame of golden freddy appears, do not be alarmed and do not look out the tablet(optional) and to see if they left just look back at the closet cam if it changes she leaves

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oh yeah and whats the best way to go through night 4( I always get to 5am with power out but still get caught)

im inclined to believe 420 mode is not possible  


420 is difficult but has been beaten.





how do you avoid freddy

How do I unlock the second animation?

Beat night 5

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We’re dead Announcement!

however do you mean? is development over?


Nah, Qtlich is just impatient 

pls help me with night six power is not on my side 


almost beat the night then accidentally fucked a doughnut and lost






Will foxy ever be able to fuck us??

Also glad you aren't dead

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he can, u just have to unlock the 2nd animation (these apear in the extras or when u lost)

ohh ty!

I've got 95%, what am I missing? :D

Nevermind, I figured it out, I just had to put 1987 in custom nigh


Android version pls


Hello!  As part of this comment, I would like to ask a few questions to the authors.  1) Will there be a development studio after the release of the game, or will you go on to various other larger projects? 

 2) if the answer to the first question is "yes", will there be porn parodies of other fnaf games or parodies of it (a parody of a parody)? 

 3) Is it possible to accept interesting ideas from outside?


really good game power goes down really fast but still fun game. would really cool to see more updates to this game even maybe something for fnaf 2 that would be pretty cool but above all still a really good game!

I agree with you

is there no golden fuzz sortcut

6969 on night 7

how does bonnie move form cam 5 to the office?

Oh my god, why does my game keep crashing when I encounter golden freddy


1: It's not crashing, the "Go back" button needs to be pressed multiple times.

2: Do you not know how to deal with her?

3: Even if it was crashing that would kinda be the fucking point of GF.

I know it’s the point of golden Freddy and it’s just that I thought you could get the scene


Tried playing on Mobile using the Browser, and it all worked just fine up until the game play. How can y'all make a game that fits the screens onto a phone, yet when it comes to starting the night, nothing fits the screen all of a sudden?

This game genuinely looks like it would fit mobile perfectly. Can you maybe work on that?

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