Welcome to your new summer job at Freddy Fuzzboob's Pizza Party Pussy Palace™, where adults enjoy food while they are entertained and fucked (NO CHILDREN ALLOWED)!

The main attraction is Freddy Fuzzboob, of course; and her two girlfriends. 

They are animatronic fursluts, programmed to drain your balls and ruin your childhood along the way!

(WARNING: This game contains flashing lights, loud-ish noises, and lots of nudity!)


(The games difficulty has been tweaked! Play ver0.0.7) Thank you for your thoughts.


(The web version has a visual bug where everything is piss-colored. In addition, if the game updates you will lose your save file.)

(This is the official game. Anyone claiming to have the game on their site is a scammer. Be careful out there!)

98% of the artGlazed
2% of the artDakota_018
MusicFnafPron - NitroGlitch
MusicBoxes - FNAF 1
VoicesFreddy , Bonnie, Chica - Bliss Éclair
Foxy - Sleepytytea
Phone Guy - TheHyperMarc
Office Fan - Glazed's Fan (RIP)
Bonnie Protest. - Proteins
UI DesignTwistCumet
Danny Mukbangs

Special ThanksLizardManLee

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Updated 28 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date Sep 02, 2022
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(1,291 total ratings)
AuthorsPudding's Bakery, GlazedGames
Made withClip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, FL Studio, Unity, Audacity
TagsAdult, Cute, Erotic, five-nights-at-freddys, Five Nights at Freddy's, Furry, Horror, NSFW, Porn, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour


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If I were asked to review the game and put it on a scale? I'd say a 9.8/10. I'm not a game reviewer or anything but not looking at it with horny googles on or anything. But on a animation and sound design stand point. 10/10, you guys (or girls) did amazing! But on a gameplay stand point 9/10. not that its "not exactly accurate to fnaf" but on a "Jesus Christ I cant gat past night 5 because of power and foxy". Now this might be just me sucking at the game and complaining to people on the internet BUT. I've read comments of people not being able to get past night 6. So I say just turn down the power consumption... and its a 10/10 for me.

P.S Dev's don't take this as people telling you to rush the game, this is simply a review of the game at its current form and how I feel about it. Take your time and really scrub this game until it SHINES!

with love :A person on the internet that you will most likely never see

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Is it possible to 100% this game? I just can't seem get past 70%. 

Edit: Love the game, keep up the fabulous work!

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I Know We Are All Very Exited About This Update But Let's Not Rush the process We All Know What Happens To games When People Rush The Game Developers Look At Cyberpunk2077

Edit I forgot It Was Rushed From The Inside


Out of curiosity, is there a way to play the game in windowed mode?

Not yet, this will be coming next update.


This game is amazing. Truly amazing. Though could i suggest toning down the power consumption rate on Night 6 just a little bit? It seems possible and impossible at the same time, meaning that I've gotten there about 4 separate times and all seemed like odd coincidences. But the burning of the battery plus Foxy blasting down the door makes it seem like I'm destined to fail. But that's just me :/

Thanks for the suggestion. The upcoming update has had a revision to the night length and power consumption to be more forgiving.


add a sex animation jumpscare and W


Basically a carbon copy of the original, just add a short sex animation after the jumpscare. Which to complete and be able to watch them whenever, you need to lose on purpose to each girl, which is something I wish hentai games stopped doing.


Really hope this "cums out" to other platforms

Ok this is great, I didn’t know what I was expecting for the jump scare, but then it happened, it was actually kind of funny. Great game

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Is 4/20 possible? I feel like the battery runs out way too quick and foxy draining it even more doesn't help.

It definitely  is, I've done it. You have to do a lot of counting and a lot of listening.

There's an audio cue for when bonnie and chica approach the door so the only time you ever need to use the light to check if they've left.

With foxy count to 6 then flip the camera up count to 3 then down repeat that for the entire night. if foxy rushes you before 2 just restart you will not have enough power

Freddy will be at her final point after 5 laughs, so after that 5th one you can leave the door open for about 15 or seconds before you need to close it until you hear her laugh again.

Of course all of this advice is only 1 half the other half is luck, you need to do all of that and be extremely lucky. You will run out of power, from what i can tell it's impossible to make to 6 with power. Everything needs to fall into place just perfectly. I managed to complete 4/20 after 4 hours with the strategy.

hahaha i have no life, huh

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what do i get after 100% the game?

PS:very love this game (is it gonna be the only single game or there are gonna follow fnaf mainline game?)


Game is really good, my personal rating being a 9/10.

This may be a long reading, I apologize, haha!

Only problem I have is that whenever golden fazzbear appears, I try to dodge by opening cameras but it blocks me from surviving. 

Usually after she jumpscares me aswell, and the sex scene plays, when I go to the "cum scene" (scene 2), I try to click "go back", but it never allows me to go back to the main menu. Usually it also crashes my game, leaving me to reopen the game.

It's not a huge deal, but I would like to be able to go back to the main menu from their instead of having to re-open the game every time I encounter golden fazzbear.

Great game though, in every aspect. Love how it follows the gameplay of original FNaF, unlike most other ero games.  Would love to see a Five Nights at Fazzbears 2, but no pressure. I know it takes long times to update/create games. 


The game crashes whenever I encounter Golden Fazzbear, and whenever the scene is "supposed to be over", the go back button breaks and is likely the cause of the crash.

I think the Golden Fazzbear is intentional since it happens in the real game, since you cant actually crash the web version I belive it just doesnt allow you to go back until you restart the page.

The crashing is intentional. There has been a revision in the design so that you can return if self-summoned in the upcoming update.


I actually got jumpscared while trying to finish the night, so it's actually pretty enterntaining

9.5/10 overall

Also, the porn is good


Are the animations only able to jumpscare you if they're outside your door, and you are on cams? Because I did not realize that Bonnie was outside my door for a long time, but she did not jumpscare me until I opened the cams to look for her and then closed my monitor. So is it possible to avoid any animatronic if you simply don't open cams? 


OMG we will never get this update


why is this actually hard lol

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do yall know a way to beat 4/20


bonnie stalled me so much in night 4 bruh


fff 2 when?

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Okay this game is actually well made, the characters are adorable, and the game is still challenging, mainly cause of Golden Freddy. Chica is so cute when she's staring at the plushie. Also the scenes are noice.


6th night is too difficult ,i can't  pass.


ur trash then


what do you mean?

such a good game, i recommend it


Anyone know if I can play this on my ps4's web browser?


bro are you like 7 get off this site


This is a fnaf porn game most of the people here are probably between 5-12 no one older than 15 is going to be playing this


Bro, wtf? What are you saying? "No one older than 15 is going to be playing this", man, that's the internet, if there's something here, are people older than 15 playing NSFW parody games


Idk bro I just don't think a high schooler would be looking at Fnaf porn


And then there's me, a college junior, who actively downloads and plays FNAF porn games ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Im like 18 and look for FNAF porn


you can beat it without cams you just need good headphones on and always have your cursor on the left door button you can hear each side the foot steps are on you need the cursor on left door for foxy because you have to react fast to his foot steps. when Freddy is active she wont attack till 5 so when it hits 5 count to 15 or 20 then close right door till she laughs then open it 

I guess you could do that, however, it is quite risky. 

i did it to save power for me its petty easy but i still un out of power on night 6 ight after Freddy attacks


Uh, played it for like 3 minutes and got a golden freddy death, lol


Actually scared the shit out of horny me

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Ok, I see why now, to be fair she told me to stop.


Yeah, the poster only gives you a jumpscare, no sex scene. 

there is one with golden freddy tho


Yeah, just gotta go to cam 3 and again and again until the poster changes from Fredina's face to Golden Freddy's face. Then you get a sex scene after the jumpscare. 



How do I get all three stars?


Hi, I really like how this game looks, but i only have an android. So could you, or someone else, try to make this game compatible for the device? I get that it would be a lot of hard work. And I'm sorry for that, all I'm asking is someone tries. Thanks


Only devs could, but they are fcking lazy. "We have more important  things to do"

I guess you could do that if you could convert the unity file of the game to run as an APK. Or maybe convert the exe to an Apk. Might not be as difficult as it seems.


have any one see mark on one of the cams it funny as hell 


There's tons of easter eggs in the game.

Hey, is it possible to move bonnies model to the window? i always use the window light to check if chica is gone after i close the door on her, but bonnie just stays behind the door and i sometimes get jumped by her when trying to check if she is still there.

No, bonnie will never move to the window. if you use the door light after bonnie appears check for a shadow against the wall in the window


For those who want only the sex scenes: let each animatronic jumpscare you. Also, if you click on the donut multiple times, it will 'jumpscare you' and you will get another sex scene. Also I think you have to go on further nights for more sex scenes, and have to beat 4/20 mode as well. 

might be a bit weird to ask but, how do i not get jumpscared by freddy on night 3? Because for some reason i just keep getting jumped at 5am.. might just be because i dont know how to play but thats also exactly why im asking this question, anyways any help would be appriciated

Freddy moves through the map at a set timer through the night. no matter what night it is Freddy is always at your door by 5 am and only attacks 1 time. Kite below made a comment on how to avoid freddy. the way I did it was wait 20 secs after 5 am then close the door every time i went into the camara (right door)

Probably because you're running out of power. If your power level hits zero, then everything goes dark and then she jumpscares you from the left door. or maybe because you don't keep the cam on her enough: she is similar to Foxy, if you don't give her attention then she will move, so make sure to check her cam every once and a while and she will never move. 

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bro i still cant get past Night 4

How bro i just want to unlock night 5 is that too much to ask.

if its because of freddy then just shut the doors after 5am

how do i get the 2nd seen with Freddy

you have to beat night 5 to get the 2nd seen

**nut jumpscare...

Those who want the golden freddy scene just go out of cam 3 and go back to it over and over again. Or else, just wait for the poster on cam 3 to have golden freddy's face on it and click on it, and let her jumpscare you.


Oh btw, the thing where it seems like the game has crashed and you have to click the back button multiple times is just there to scare the player, the game doesn't crash. 

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I did see her when I clicked on Freddy's boobs in the poster multiple times. You'll hear someone say 'stop' whenever you click.

The poster in the office does not give you a sex scene, it is only a jumpscare. If you touch fredina's boobs 7 times, each after she tells you to stop, then golden freddy will jumpscare you, and you will not get any sex scene. The poster with golden freddy is on cam 3 on the monitor, which you have a chance of seeing golden freddy's face on. 


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You ain't beating Goku 💀


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This you?



Thats right bud


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Make a android version pls


I did it, I got it 4/20 and I'll show you how i did it, the main pain in the butt is Foxy, but first of all take your phone and set a timer at 8:35, which is the time until 6:00 am, Bonnie and Chica is just listen to the sound of her footsteps, Foxy you have to constantly check the Booty Cove Cam, i did it in cycle 7s Cam Off, 3s Cam On and Freedy.... i see so many people saying to fix the camera in the kitchen (Cam 6) because Freedy won't attack you if your camera is locked on her..... well that's true but I don't did this because i noticed that Freedy laughs (moves) every 1:15 +/- so when yout timer is exacly at 1:00 remaining, close the right door until Freedy moves away, because Freedy move to kill you at 0:55s seconds remaining to end the day (5AM) and thats it, hold energy and you only worry is Foxy, just look at her Booty Cove for 3 seconds in a 10 seconds loop, and you win!

(1 edit) (+2)

Before anything id like to say that this game is amazing and super simple love what you guys did with the art and difficulty.

To clarify anything I beat 4/20 with the same strat before finding this and here are some extra details.

Bonnie & Chica - Difficulty low -These two are the least of your worries. never look for them or use door lights. the moment you hear foot steps check the lights and shut the adjacent door.

Foxy - Difficulty Moderate to high -The main issue to your power. keep your camra on here the WHOLE GAME. check here every 4 - 7 seconds to make sure she is there and to keep her still. dont worry until she fuly leaves her cove. when shes gone close left door and check close left cam to trigger her.

Freddy - Difficulty Low to Moderate - You can ignore freddy the until 5 am as Kite mentiond above use a timer. Freddy only moves after laughing and she isnt a problem till she has moved 5 times and has a set patter she follows: Cam1A, Cam7, Cam1B, Cam5, Cam3, Cam6 After reaching cam 6 ignore her till 5 am when you should implement Kites timer strat. after she laughs from cam6 she isnt a problem for the rest of the night (FREDDY IS NOT RANDOM LIKE THE ORIGINAL FNAF)

Thats about it. I beat 4/20 mode on my 2nd try with this strat even though I never used a timer. I counted to 5 on freddys laughs closed the right door 20 seconds into 5 am and held off chica and bonnie while watching foxy cam. Hope we could help.

Thank you Kite for the extra info. one question though do you have 100% or 90% completion?

how do i know when bonnie is gone she loves to just wait at the door for awhile and you can't see here with the light if the door is closed so i've lost many runs to her just sitting there me checking if she was gone her jamming my damn door and then jumpscaring me please the help would be greatly appreciated


simple you use the door light while the door is closed. if you see that the wall which is suppose to be there is shrouded in shadow dont open the door. if the wall has a normal lighting open it. if you need close the door at the start of the night and see what the wall looks like without bonnie there. even I had a hard time seeing the shadow when i first started


there this little alien draw when you light on the left door, if Bonnie is in the door, this draw will disapear


wait that's super helpful ty!!

my game have a 100% completion, include a blue donut and all 3 codes, 6969, 1983, 1987

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