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how do i get the donut easter egg???

Click on the donut a few times



If you need the 100% save file dm me on discord, my account is Elia04Ita#8090, I'll answer as soon as possible


that’s nice but I personally prefer to beat it on my own 

hey, trying to dm you its not working

Will there be an Android version for next year?

Or in more years?

Fun tip: memorize Freddy's cam spots and always keep the camera on booty cove

is there a night skip cheat code like in fnaf 1?


what the fuck is the gray chick that appears randomly? on night one I was just getting random flashes of text and pictures of something gray that kept dissapearing

golden Freddy glitches the camera with a different character, for me it’s chica but once I got a grey golden Freddy one, it lasts for a few seconds and sometimes says it’s me


a sequel to this game would be nice...

I agree but this one is still being worked on in the minute

I found the donut easter egg, what about any others in the game?

others are only in custom night :/

anybody know when the animatronics first start moving?

fuck it imma make theories on this game, you may not think there's lore in a joke game but I see it all

CK will return...

still good game tho 9/10

NIGHT 7 IS IMPOSSIBLE. Like bro my power was 21% at 4AM and Foxy being pain in the ass ate all of my powers.


I hate freddy, she keeps jumping us at 5am


If you're taking suggestions, I would very much like to see a gallery for the camera feeds as well, or just a "free roam, no danger" mode to see all the art.

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I mean there is an option to deactivate the animatronics in the custom nights 


Night Guide for you all (From what I learned playing): Let's start with your top priorities, from most to least -> Freddie -> Foxy -> Bonnie and Chica (Golden Freddie shouldn't be a priority at all).
 Bonnie/Chica: They're the least of your problems, do not search for them on cameras, it is waste of power. Turn on both lights after you close the monitor to make sure doors are safe, if none of the two are there, wait 6 seconds, did you hear footsteps sounds? Yes: Turn on lights and see if it is Bonnie or Chica then close the door (Open the monitor 4-5 times and see if they walked away), No: Wait 6 more seconds and go back to cameras.
 Foxy: Her power consumption after every attack is a pain in the ass. Just look for Foxy after you're sure Bonnie/Chica arent on doors, if Foxy isn't in Pirate cove cam anymore then close the Left door and look for left hallway cam, wait for 3 knocks and open the door (If she's still in pirate cove, ignore her and go to the next priority), she takes a lot of time to stretch her legs, don't worry.
 Freddie: In the original game Freddy time to time change his position on cams everytime you hear a laugh, following a pattern. Same for Freddie, except for one thing, she is not delayed when you look at her (She changes position every 30+ seconds). If she's already on right hallway cam, wait a few seconds and then close the door until she changes position again. Just look for Freddie after you have seen Foxy.
Repeat everything. With some luck, you might get to 5am with 30% power.


Its gonna be funny when they change the AI in the next update and this entire guide becomes null'n void

They said they'll make freddy's and foxy's ai less hard also the best way to get rid of bonnie and chica is to use the light on the door close it for 3 seconds then check and they'll usually be gone

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cap., bonnie kept door camping and chica has some sort of adhd the makes her movement unreadable

it does work on night 1-5 most the time for me atleast, sometimes bonnie stays longer and so does chica. One time bonnie camped the door for half the night

it does work on night 1-5 most the time for me atleast, sometimes bonnie stays longer and so does chica. One time bonnie camped the door for half the night

it does work on night 1-5 most the time for me atleast, sometimes bonnie stays longer and so does chica. One time bonnie camped the door for half the night


thank you


I like how the italicized letters in the disclaimer spell "rickroll". 


Uh... I just got got by a big yellow girl that I didn't know existed? Then her eyes bled and she didn't get added to the gallery.


That's golden freddy. You can get her randomly sometimes. She is supposed to be mysterious, which is why she isn't added to the gallery. If you encounter her, she will appear on your desk. To send her away before she jumpscares you, just go to cam 3 on your monitor, and she should go away. 

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If you want her other sex scene that's locked, you have to beat 4/20 mode I think, and enter 6969 as the difficulty in the custom night.

4/20 isn't golden freddy its all the animatronics but golden freddy 


somehow i cant beat night 5

i have a major skill issue 

I got to 5am with 20 power but freddy jumped me, i hate her

Deleted 2 days ago

Freddy moves if you don't check the cameras enough and has an audio cue at the door where she makes a weird noise and the 2nd scenes are obtainable after night 5

She giggles each time she moves, at the fifth giggle, close your right door.

I spent the whole night checking the camera literally every second, I'd close and open repeatedly only stopping to close/open doors (I would only use lights when checking if I can reopen the door I used the audio cues for chica and bonnie) and Freddy still moved all the way to right outside the office which shouldn't be possible if this game uses the same mechanics as fnaf, this was on night 6 btw and I always had the camera on Freddy's location only switching to check pirate cove once every so often

Deleted 2 days ago

Foxy <3 <3 <3


haven't tried it yet but good luck to u

True its pure luck even if you get to 5AM


yea foxy is hot and all but GOD DANM SHE IS SO ANNOYING


Attacked three times by the fox on the fifth night.........

I think when you check her cameras you have to look at her for a few seconds before dropping it.

just leave the cam on her, and she should be fine. 

Y cuando será la fecha exacta de la actualización?


just flew threw night 1-5 with ease without getting caugh


When is a mobile version available?

Probably never considering this game is on unity.


Why no one make a ported version so we can play on Android too


Actually, it’s more likely to be ported because Unity has those build options, i’m yet to make touch controls & optimisations for mobile.


Im coping on night 6, end me..

going to do night five wish me luck tonight


Does anyone know how to get the endings? The only easter egg i found was clicking the donut on the desk a few times. 


There aren't really any 'endings'. You can only get sex scenes and a victory scene for completing all of the nights. You can get all the sex scenes by dying to the girls (including golden freddy) and beating 4/20 mode. 

Thats what i meant, the sex scenes. But do you have any knowledge on the easter eggs? (i cant beat night 6)

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The other easter eggs are only images on cams, but don't give you sex scenes except for the donut one. The only other one I know, is the golden freddy easter egg. You have to go on cam 3 (closet) repeatedly, until the poster on the wall changes to have golden freddy's face on it. Clcik on the poster.  After that, she'll pop up on your desk, and all you have to do is let her jumpscare you. 

Sometimes it happens randomly, Golden freddy appears on your desk even if you haven't clicked on the poster on cam 3. If you want to get rid of her, just quickly go to cam three again, before she jumpscares you, and she'll be gone. 

(Can't help with night 6, because I haven't gotten that far yet, sorry)

The golden freddy scene isnt unlocked on cam 3 ive tried like 4 times and it just crashed my game, but im pretty sure there is a scene if you beat 1987 mode on custom night and its probably golden freddy

You have to click on the poster when it changes. If you notice, when you go back to cam 3 repeatedly, the poster on the wall changes. You just have to wait for it to change to Golden's freddy's face and then it changes. If you want the other golden freddy scenee, you have to set the custom night's difficulty to 6969, and she jumpscares you. 

Does anyone know custom night secret codes?


6 9 6 9


have to say that intro music is fire


Honestly, you could beat the game without even using cams, all you need is a good headset. 

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The cams are sorta helpful since they can delay foxy and freddy but yeah you can beat it without cams

True, you need cams for foxy.

Yeah the sounds in this game r accurate. if doors are accesible with keyboard like UCN, it would be easier


Remember kids, if a strange man offers you candy, 

there's probably more in his van. 


Sounds like my uncle


More like my Daddy. 


Its Raining Tacos!

but its not a tuesday tho

Háganlo también para teléfono por favor.

faça isso também por telefone por favor.

tbh i wonder how i could cheat this.


I'm working on a hack right now, it isn't fully complete, but it allows you to check cams without increasing the power bar. That's as far as I've been able to get. 


Letsss gooo i get boobs faster!!!

Share it surely


noice game i beat nights 1-5 with relative ease but night 6 took me a few attempts, i have yet to beat 4/20 but i have found every single easter egg in the game also bababoey


Honestly I'd be interested in a visual novel version/separate thing with this artstyle, the characters look really cute.


Mobile  version?

cara eu so me fodo na 1 noite foi uma versao do gold freddy

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